Stories & Testimonials

"I am a single caregiver to my three adult sons, who are all diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. We have been residents in Arnold since they were born. My wife passed away 2 years ago. Prior to my wife’s passing, we had discussed finding a home for our sons to reside in, to live their life in the future as independent as they are able to do so. For my son’s emotional well-being and to help them to transition to life without their mother, who was their primary caregiver since they were born, I have been a single-caregiver for them for the past 2 years.

My twin sons are 31 years old, and their younger brother is 24. Their diagnosis of cerebral palsy has put substantial limitations on their daily life, requiring caregiving supports daily to function. All three of my sons require a powered wheelchair for mobility, as well as adaptive equipment in their home for safety (ramp, lifts, grab bars, etc.). They require wheelchair transportation to access the community. At this time, they have a personal assistant service to provide them with protective oversight and assistance daily, when I am working full time. My sons regularly attend a group day habilitation program, where they are working to develop skills to become independent. They are involved in community activities, volunteer their time in various settings and are able to network and make social connections. They are supported to do so with DMH waiver funding. I am very appreciative that my sons have the supports needed to live their life with choice and integration in the community."

Father of three residents who live in a Rainbow Village community home

“We adopted our son when he was two months old. After a few months, we were able to tell that our son was different and needed special training and care. Back in the 1960s, there were not a lot of options for children with developmental disabilities for education so we had to send our son to a special training center in Columbia, MO. This was a very difficult decision, but we knew that he needed this special attention and this was the only place that offered it.

As our son aged, this was not the environment that we wanted for our son. We knew that he could work in a sheltered workshop and wanted him to live as independently as possible. It was also difficult for us to have him living so far away. We had heard about Rainbow Village so we went to a support agency, St. Louis Arc and asked them to find him a home at Rainbow Village. St. Louis Arc was able to place our son at the main Rainbow Campus and he was able to work at a local sheltered workshop. We could now see our son more often and he would call us every day and talk about how he liked his home.

We feel that it is the best place for people with developmental disabilities in St. Louis to live and are very fortunate to have our son in a Rainbow Village house. The home is well maintained and safe. We also appreciate how Rainbow Village constantly assesses the resident’s needs and adapts the home as the residents develop physical disabilities. For example, our son now uses a wheelchair so Rainbow Village remodeled the bathroom for accessibility including benches and bars in the shower and wider doorways. We can’t say enough about how great Rainbow Village is and what they have done for our son!”

Father of a resident who lives in a Rainbow Village campus home


“My sister lived with our parents until our mom was unable to care for her anymore due to illness. At that time, the only place for my sister to live was in a habilitation center. The habilitation center was really terrible for her because she was used to living a quality life at home. I was referred to a support agency, Life Skills, in the late 90s, to help find a residential placement. Life Skills approached Rainbow Village and asked Rainbow to find a community home for my sister and some roommates in 1999. Rainbow Village was able to find a great home in a safe community for the residents. Since she has lived in the community in a Rainbow Village home, her whole attitude has changed. I noticed the change just a few weeks after my sister moved into the her new home – she smiles more and is able to do things we take for granted (i.e. can go to the kitchen and get food when she wants to). The home is great and beautifully maintained. The neighbors even comment that it is one of the best looking homes in the neighborhood. I am very pleased that Rainbow Village provides a safe, comfortable and affordable home in the community for my sister, for the rest of her life.”

Sister of a resident who lives in a Rainbow Village community home


“My brother Robbie has loved living in his Rainbow Village home for over eight years. His housemates are his ‘family’. Previously, Robbie lived at home with our parents and was very depressed because he didn’t have much to do. It was difficult for my parents to let him go, but they finally agreed to let Robbie move into a neighborhood Rainbow Village home. It was time for Robbie to have his own life, his own friends and to be allowed to grow as a person.

Robbie now has established his own self and pursues his own favorite activities, both as an individual and with his housemates. My family is happy knowing that he is in a structured, safe and nurturing environment.

On the weekends, Robbie visits with our mom who lives nearby, and with my family. What gives us the most pleasure is knowing how happy Robbie is. ‘What time do I get to go HOME’ are the best words we hear on Sunday afternoons.”

Sister of a resident who lives in a Rainbow Village community home


“Rainbow Village serves two constituent groups equally – both the developmentally disabled and their families. By providing a community in which to live and belong, Rainbow Village’s homes help to fulfill and enrich the lives of its residents. In turn, providing these residents a safe and happy place to live gives their loved ones peace of mind and freedom of their own. As someone with a developmentally disabled family member, I understand the substantial benefits provided to residents and their families. By supporting this organization, I’m helping to create and maintain the home and community environment that means so much to so many.”

Jake McDonald, Board Member


“Volunteering at Rainbow Village gave my team from Colliers Turley Martin Tucker a chance to bond outside the office environment while helping with a great cause. The staff at Rainbow Village was a pleasure to work with and we couldn’t have completed our task without them. In addition, we met some of the residents at Rainbow Village who were friendly and thankful for our efforts.”

Ryan Noles, Volunteer