The Rainbow Village Difference

When a parent learns that his or her child has been diagnosed with a developmental disability, one of the major questions they'll eventually face is how to plan for the child's future when they're no longer able to provide care.

Rainbow Village is not just about providing four walls and a roof for people with developmental disabilities. We provide safety, independence, and a family of friends.  For many St. Louis area families who are trying to provide the best possible life for their loved ones with developmental disabilities, Rainbow Village is peace of mind.

Our homes are carefully designed for the comfort and safety of each individual resident, allowing them to feel completely at home while meeting their specific needs. From widened doorways to handicapped-accessible showers, we create spaces that are customized for our residents.  Perhaps even more important, we continually update the homes so the people we serve may know the comfort and security of aging in place. The process of maintaining homes to the highest standards and constantly monitoring them to assess our residents' changing needs helps Rainbow Village provide permanent housing and something even better--an opportunity to become part of the community.

Click here to hear from the families of our residents about how Rainbow Village has made a difference in the lives of their loved ones.