Frequently Asked Questions

What is a developmental disability?

Developmental disabilities are disabilities that manifest during the developmental stage of life (before the age of 22). Developmental disabilities include: autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other intellectual disabilities.

People with developmental disabilities have functional limitations. There is no cure for developmental disabilities. 

What does Rainbow Village do?

Rainbow Village is a non-profit organization that has been enhancing the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities since 1973 by purchasing, renovating, and maintaining houses in the community where they can live and age in place. Rainbow Village provides safe, affordable, and well-maintained neighborhood homes for individuals who receive services from one of our 18 partnering support service providers. Rainbow Village provides a quality home and maintenance support while our partners provide staff and services to the residents.

What does "community living" for people with developmental disabilities mean?

"Community living" allows people with developmental and other disabilities to live as independently as possible within the community with the help of various services and supports. 

Rainbow Village is dedicated to providing the best housing options for neighborhood and community living for individuals with developmental disabilities in the St. Louis area. In partnership with reputable local service agencies who provide the best in in-home supports, we are committed to serving our residents to the fullest.

How does someone get into a Rainbow Village home?

Rainbow Village provides quality homes in safe neighborhoods for people with developmental disabilities who receive support from our partner providers. If you are interested in locating a home for an individual with a developmental disability in and around the St. Louis area, click here.

How can I help people with developmental disabilities?

All people deserve to be respected. People with developmental disabilities are no different. They have the right to participate in society by working, playing, and living in the community. Individuals who have developmental disabilities may need assistance in order to participate in certain activities. Rainbow Village helps people with developmental disabilities by allowing them to live in the community. You can help by becoming part of our rainbow.

How can I help Rainbow Village further their mission?

There are many ways you can help Rainbow Village further its mission. Consider giving your time as a volunteer or Board member. You may also support our organization by attending or sponsoring an event or making a financial contribution.