What Do Rainbow Village Volunteers Do?

Volunteers help Rainbow Village to provide safe, affordable, and well-maintained houses for people with developmental disabilities by assisting with the exterior maintenance of our 80+ properties. People who volunteer their time to Rainbow Village work primarily outdoors between early spring and late fall.

Like all homes, Rainbow Village properties require regular planting, paint and stain, leaf removal, and trimming and weeding. We can accommodate individuals or large groups of up to 50 people. If you are interested in donating your time to Rainbow Village, please contact Anne at 314.567.1522 ext. 209 or avolland@rbvstl.org.

Volunteers also help us by raising awareness. If you don’t have a green thumb or just want to give more of your time, consider joining our Board of Directors or our Young Professionals Committee (YPC). Click here to learn about these groups and what they do.

In addition, Rainbow Village hosts a dinner auction, golf tournament, Trivia Night, and a Family Picnic each year. If you love to meet new people, have an eye for detail, or a talent for event planning, consider volunteering your time at a Rainbow Village event or event committee. 

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