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"There are four reasons why I like volunteering with Rainbow Village: the staff are easy to work with and are extremely well organized and prepared for our group; the staff and many board members work side by side with our group--it shows that they are committed to the mission; the interaction with the residents of Rainbow Village brings purpose to the work--both fathers and daughters can see they are helping people; and the type of work is perfect for our group--outside, low skill, mulching, painting, weeding, etc."
- Andy Condie, Veiled Prophet Community Service Initiative

"It’s a fun place to volunteer and the staff there is very helpful in getting things ready for the task. I felt appreciated."
- Keith Jones, Ameren

"I am a huge supporter of Rainbow Village and understand how adults with disabilities have a toll on families. It is a great charity to be a part of because it doesn’t just touch the lives of residents but the families as well."
- Sarah Lundgren, TEKsystems

"I am glad to know this type of caring facility is available to those who need it. The people who live at Rainbow Village are very happy and chatty. Thirty years ago, special needs adults were not treated well in facility living. I am sure a concept like Rainbow Village would have been a dream for their families! It is a great organization."
- Cara Dolly, Ameren

"I think it is an amazing organization that I love to help any way I can. Thank you so much for always making our experience a memorable one."
- Ashley Bergman, Maryville University